2024 MD Notebook Diary A5 Thin

205 kr

The Midori 2024 MD Notebook Diary A5 Thin is a monthly diary that emphasizes portability by slimming down to only monthly spreads, followed by memo pages with a light blue inked 5x5mm grid. It runs from December 2023 – January 2025, and perfectly combines the original functions of a diary with the pleasure of writing freely.

Each month is laid out in a beautifully zen-like design. The margins of the monthly pages are kept somewhat wider than you might expect, but this has a purpose; it allows for extra space to write down memo’s, to-do's, sketches or ideas. Use it for writing, as a day to day notebook or create personalized weekly spreads to plan days ahead.

Measures 27 x 14,8 cm
Counts 111 pages
Runs from December 2023 – January 2025
Includes annual calendar, monthly schedules, grid memo pages, other memo pages
Features MD Paper, thread binding, bookmark string

Size | 21 x 14.8 x 0.8cm

Weight | 187 gram

Made in Japan

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