KIGI Hanabana | Furoshiki | Pansy Navy Blue

750 kr

“KIGI HANABANA Ewas born by collaboration between MUSUBI and KIGI Designs combining various elements such as linear grid, abstracted flower illustration and calligraphy. This series that it is designed to be more attractive if wrapped or tied. The designs give a series of new sensations that fits contemporary style. The designs creates a new world of “wrapping in beautiful flowers E a design that matches both Japanese and Western tastes, it can also be used as a scarf or a tapestry; making the perfect gift.

KIGI established in 2012 by Ryosuke Uehara and Ryo Hidetoshi Watanabe making branding, graphics, products etc., conduct a wide range of design activities. Craftsmen who carry out traditional crafts in Shiga prefecture under the brand KIKOF, mainly ceramics, launched the CACUMA brand at the same time and also produce works where the flow of design work and exhibitions show new ways of creation with expressive power. In addition to receiving the Tokyo ADC Grand Prix, they have won numerous awards both at home and abroad.

size | 100 x 100 cm
material | 100% polyester

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