Red Mushroom

Red Mushroom, Photo Credit : Viktor Holm (

ZAKKA is honored to introduce a special chair made just for us by Tendo Mokko: the iconic Mushroom Stool in Tendo Mokko’s iconic red color.

The Mushroom Stool

Born in 1961, designed by YAMANAKA DESIGN OFFICE,  the Mushroom Stool design features a simple construction made of one single plywood component and shaped into round curves that playfully mimic a mushroom shape. It is lightweight yet sturdy, with a hollowed-out handle that is designed to be easily carried around the house and handed down for generations to come. Use it as a chair, a bedside table, or as a boost in the kitchen. The Mushroom Stool is meant to be functional, but when not in use, it is an admirable object to behold. You can read more about the Mushroom Stool’s story here.

Symbolism in Red

Tendo Mokko chose a bright red color for us, which is symbolic both in Japan and in Sweden. In Japan, red is traditionally associated with protection and power, but it is also the color of the famous cherries from Yamagata, the prefecture in Japan where Tendo Mokko is based. Red represents many things in Sweden too, like strength and fruitfulness, but it is also an iconic color for Swedish cottages in the countryside, as well as the quintessential color of the Dala horse. Red is something both Japan and Sweden share, and it is something we feel will blend nicely with your home and lifestyle.

An Amicable Relationship

Our partnership with Tendo Mokko started in 2017, when we first introduced the woodworking company and its innovative plywood techniques to Sweden. Then in 2019, we became official distributors in Sweden. Now in 2020, we are proud to continue the Mushroom Stool’s legacy with this exclusive design, and to expose its beauty here in Sweden. In fact, trend forecasters like Lidweig Edelkoort took note of the stool and showcased it in her Animism/Wave selection at 2019 Formex, the largest exhibition for Nordic interior design. 2020 also marks Tendo Mokko’s 80th anniversary, and we couldn’t be more excited to have the red stool be produced during this celebratory year.

The special colorway and the classic Mushroom Stool are available at our store in Malmö, and can be shipped in Sweden and beyond. We hope you take this little red treasure home and let it grow into your life.

Tendo Mokko

Based in the Yamagata Prefecture, established in 1940, Tendo Mokko is the golden standard of modern Japanese design. Their plywood technology combines traditional woodworking techniques with innovative thinking by stacking and adhering multiple thinly sliced wood to increase strength while also giving it the ability to bend into creative, three-dimensional designs. Tendo has collaborated with many famous designers including Sori Yanagi, Isamu Kenmochi and Bruno Mathsson.