White Deer Lucky Charm


A small amulet strap with white deer embroidery, which is said to be "God's messenger".
From the small bell attached to the string part, a cute sound will be heard when it shakes.
You can enjoy it for various purposes, such as attaching it to a bag or pouch and carrying it around, or casually decorating your room or desk.
It is also recommended as a gift with prayer to loved ones.
The god of Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara, "Takemikazuchi no Mikoto," is said to be a "messenger of the gods" because of the legend that he came on a white deer.
In addition, deer have been regarded as very auspicious because they can be heard as "Roku" (= meaning of happiness and joy).
May Shiraka bring happiness to you ...

Material | Body: 100% pig leather / Body string: 100% linen / Bell: Brass

Size | 2.5 x 3cm

made in Japan

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