"ZAKKAsine" derives from the word ZAKKA (miscellaneous goods) and magazine,   In its original sense, the word "magazine" (or magasin) referred to a shop or storage space. In the case of written publication, it refers to a collection of written articles - stories. ZAKKAsine meaning "shop" and “stories” of ZAKKA, Japanese miscellaneous goods.


ZAKKAsine is a miscellaneous goods shop founded in 2017, out of the fascination and inspiration from the Japanese design and heritage. A Japanese designed, Japan-made product has the persistence to strive for perfection. It also creates forms that follow function, a good design that we love and we would like to keep it for a long term use. We know it because we are the users!


The Japanese contemporary creativity in concert with Japanese tradition is the surprises in our shop. ZAKKAsine is a brick and mortar shop that lies in the heart of Malmö, you can come and spend a moment to feel the atmosphere of the Japanese design and bring home the product happily.

We have a range of selected products from our partners in Japan that are thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted for a sustainable journey.

Therefore, we believe it is important to have a space with Japanese aesthetic atmosphere, the look, the touch and the smell to connect with the customer.


Sine is the brains behind the concept shop ZAKKAsine, she grew up in Malmö Sweden and has worked in the graphic design branch since 2000. Her own personal mix of Asian and Scandinavian culture has directly informed the boutique's product offering, which takes Scandi-style minimalism and makes it a step further, infusing it with colours and motifs, the reminiscent of simplicity, precision and sophistication.

"There is a wonderful subset of shoppers who love to go out and explore physical shops, making personal connections with shopkeepers and their stories. I hope that this group of people continues to grow in years to come." - Sine, founder of ZAKKAsine