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Mr. Enomoto, a coffee enthusiast, is passionate about crafting the perfect cup for himself at work. His dedication led him to design coffee drippers. Although not initially knowledgeable about coffee, he learned to appreciate its nuances, which vary with different brewing tools.

Stainless wire coffee dripper

Mr. Enomoto observed that most coffee drippers are typically made from pottery or resin, but he wondered why not use a wire frame instead. After studying various types, he concluded that ease of use and the ability to brew delicious coffee quickly were paramount. By minimizing the outer wall of the filter, he found that steam could permeate the coffee more effectively, allowing air to escape easily.

Stainless wire coffee dripper


Here's how the wire frame design of the dripper offers several advantages:

  1. Improved Brewing: Without structural walls, coffee beans are steamed evenly, allowing air to escape easily.

  2. Visibility: You can easily monitor the coffee level when pouring water into the cup.

  3. Durability: Made from stainless steel, it resists rust and is more durable than ceramic alternatives.

  4. Ease of Maintenance: It can be washed and dried quickly after use.

  5. Convenient Storage: Hang it on a hook for easy storage.

The wire frame design, though less common, offers practical benefits.

Mr. Enomoto particularly appreciates its "easy cleaning and quick drying" features. This design fulfills his need for a convenient brewing option at work, ensuring it can be used daily without hesitation.


Stainless wire coffee dripper

The wireframe cone dripper boasts an elegant conical shape, chosen for specific reasons. This shape concentrates the extraction at a single point, allowing for a faster extraction compared to trapezoidal designs. The speed and amount of hot water poured can alter the coffee's taste, enabling coffee enthusiasts to enjoy a range of flavors depending on their brewing method and mood.

Stainless wire coffee dripper


Even as an amateur, using this dripper is straightforward, but I recently had a special experience at a coffee shop in Nara!

To brew delicious coffee, the key is properly steaming freshly ground coffee grounds. The wireframe dripper allows air generated during steaming to escape easily, enhancing the steaming process.

Extraction begins once the coffee grounds swell, typically after about 30 seconds. Due to its design, the wireframe dripper minimizes the pooling of hot water, potentially leading to a more flavorful brew.


While drippers are typically used with a coffee server, Enomoto-san's desire to enjoy "delicious coffee for one person" led us to design a dripper that simplifies brewing directly into a mug.

The dripper features a flat base without protrusions, ensuring compatibility with various mug sizes. Its 10 cm diameter accommodates even large mugs, perfect for those who enjoy a generous cup of coffee.

Being made of wire, it provides clear visibility inside the cup while pouring water, preventing overfilling.


Stainless wire coffee dripper


Shindo Co., Ltd. in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, lends their expertise in advanced metal processing technology to support the design and functionality of this wire coffee dripper.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel using excellent welding techniques, each dripper is meticulously handmade by skilled craftsmen. During the welding process, stainless steel undergoes expansion and contraction, requiring precise adjustments to prevent distortion. The result is a beautifully proportioned figure, a testament to the craftsmanship and skill of the artisans involved.


Stainless wire coffee dripper

The Wire coffee dripper is built to last, seamlessly integrating into daily life with its enduring design. Its nostalgic charm adds a unique flavor to any setting.

Mr. Enomoto uses it daily without hesitation, washing it repeatedly with ease.


size | (Top) φ9 (Bottom) φ10  H5.5cm
material | Stainless steel made in Tsubame sanjo

capacity | For 1 to 4 people

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Usage Recommendations:

  • We recommend using a commercially available conical paper filter suitable for 1-4 people.
  • Using a trapezoidal filter may cause side leakage.
  • Ensure to avoid overfilling the filter with coffee beans to prevent overflow; pour hot water slowly.

Handling Instructions:

  • Avoid applying excessive force or impact, as it may damage the product or cause injury.
  • Do not use in unstable conditions or places.
  • After use, the main body may be hot; handle with care to avoid burns.
  • Wash the dripper with water after use, wipe off moisture, and ensure thorough drying.
  • Please refrain from using a dishwasher or dish dryer.
  • Do not allow the product to come into contact with dissimilar metals such as aluminum or iron.

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