Minoyaki teacup


A Mino ware teacup made with the Mino ware pottery. This is one of the "Kihon-no-Ishitsu" bowl series, which was born from the desire to use Japanese bowls that have different characteristics depending on their origin in their lives. Enjoying the flow of glaze and the distorted shape as an expression, while taking advantage of the unique characteristics of Mino ware that has created Japan's unique pottery culture, we designed it to fit into a modern dining table.

We have 3 type of Mino ware
The “Kairagi”, which is a crushed and shaped glaze, a look that tea masters would loved.
"Dust ash" is a glaze that has been used for a long time since it has a special texture and color.
The green color created by Oribe Furuta is impressive. The texture increases when you have been using it.
Enjoy tea time and meal time together with this cup.

Since it is finished by hand, there are individual differences in color and shape.

size |φ8.5 × h8cm
material | Pottery
capacity | 200 ml

weight | About 175 g

Made in Japan

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