Antibacterial kitchen sponge


A kitchen sponge with an antibacterial effect that has been semi-permanently deodorized, antibacterial, and antifungal. Compared to conventional antibacterial sponges, which lose their antibacterial effect with each use, you can use them cleanly for a long time. The coarse-grained and elastic sponge drains the water, lathers well, and is comfortable to use. On one side, the same sponge that has been processed hard is pasted together.

material | Polyurethane foam
size | 6.3 × 12 × h3.5cm

made in Japan

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*Antiviral and antibacterial processing are not intended to suppress viruses and bacteria in dust and dirt attached to the sponge, nor is it intended to treat or prevent illness.
* Antiviral and antibacterial performance does not appear against all viruses and bacteria.
*This product is not edible.
*Please be careful not to let children put it in their mouths. Also, keep out of reach of children.
*Do not use it on the human body or food.
*Be sure to use a neutral detergent for the kitchen, and do not use chlorine-based, oxygen-based bleaches, or detergents containing d-limonene, as this will deteriorate the product.
*Do not use on items that are easily scratched, such as lacquerware, or on items that are troublesome if scratched.
*If you are concerned about scratches, test on an inconspicuous area before using.
※Please do not put near the fire and the place becoming high temperature.
*At first use, there may be a peculiar odor of urethane foam, so please wash it with water.
* After use, wash well, drain and dry before storing.
*Do not wring in a twisting manner.
*This product is a consumable item. The material wears out and deteriorates with continued use.
* Depending on the usage and storage conditions, it may wear and deteriorate relatively quickly.
*We recommend using it as soon as possible after purchase, as it may cause the sponge to deteriorate.
* When disposing of, please dispose of it according to the method specified by each local government.

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