Tendo mokko

TENDO MOKKO | Low Chair | Sakakura Junzo Architectural Institute

13 580 kr
Masterpiece designed by Daisaku Chō, who was a member of Sakakura Junzo Architectural Institute, toward a space designed by Sakakura Junzo, a leading architect in the 20th century. 
"I want a chair that blends in with the living in the Japanese-style room and lets you relax and relax." 
The design looks as if it embodies Japanese modernity that blends in with Japanese and Western living. 
As the name of "low seat chair", the seat made as low as 29 cm can sit by throwing a leg or throwing a leg. The back of the seat is slightly inclined, and the thick cushion receives the body, allowing you to sit without straining your waist. 
The legs are shaped like sleds so that the tatami mats and carpets are not damaged. Japanese rooms, of course, also look good on the room of the flooring.
back / legs: Oak
W550 D683 H650 SH290 
Weight: 7.7 kg
※ Good Design Award Winner 
Sakakura Junzo Architectural Research Institute (in charge: Daisaku Cho)
Daisaku Chō
1921 born in Manchuria. After graduating from Tokyo Art School (currently Tokyo University of the Arts) Architecture in 1945, he joined Inoue Kogyo in 1946. Entered Sakakura Junzo Architectural Research Institute in 1947. Opened a large-scale architectural design office in 1972. Winner of the 1994 Kitai Kitaro Industrial Craft Award.
TENDO MOKKO | Low Chair - 13500 SEK
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