KATA KATA plate L (hang)

399 kr

Blurring of patterns that are born from handwork, cutting / bleeding / color loss / color unevenness can be seen on the plate of a seal by a copper plate transfer. There are individual differences in each dish, it is the trace of hand printed porcelain. The imperfect finish is lovely and appealing.

size | φ20.5 x 3.5 cm
material | porcelain
Made in Japan

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1. The pigment absorbed from the transfer paper spreads into the fabric, bleeding and blurring will occur.
2. It occurs due to misalignment of the transfer paper. or due to the wrinkle of transfer paper.
3. By placing the transfer paper of Japanese paper moistened on the unglazed cloth, the fabric absorbs the pigment that was printed on transfer paper, together with moisture, and the picture is transferred. The close contact between the fabric and the transfer paper is weak, and color loss occurs in the part that was not successfully transferred.
4. Many are caused by fold wrinkles on transfer paper.

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