BAILER 2 way bag

2 490 kr

BAILER x Classiky | 2 way Linen canvas bag | 25L

25 liters
A cloth bucket that has been used for ships since ancient times was designed as a daily tool and can be used as a tote bag or a shoulder bag. It is self-sustaining and resistant to water, so you can go to the beach or take a bath.

BAILER is a handle used for pumping out water from the bottom of a ship or for extinguishing fires. BAILER made of canvas is unlikely to be broken or deteriorated under adverse conditions, such as plastic, so it is legal for ships. It is also used as equipment.
BAILER BAG is manufactured using the same quality materials and sewing as those used on board ships, under the factory that manufactures the actual legal equipment.
This time, a collaboration BAILER BAG by "3sun" x “CLASSIKY Design" using original French linen canvas has been completed.
This cylindrical bucket bag is designed to make the most of the ease of use of canvas buckets that have been used on ships for a long time. It is resistant to water and dirt, lightweight, portable and durable.

It is self-supporting as well as a bag for everyday use, so you can use it as a daily life product such as a laundry bag or equipment storage.
The hardness of the paraffin processing gradually becomes softer as you use it for a long time, and the unique texture increases.

This product is made of original linen canvas, which is woven in Kurashiki City, which produces 70% of domestic canvas.
One old shuttle weaving machine can operate at full capacity for 8 hours a day, and the amount of weaving is only about 50m.
However, the unique texture that is close to tightly hand-woven is the unique canvas of this loom.
In addition, the linen yarn is from Safiran, a linen spinning maker that was founded in 1778 in Europe.
Using high-quality French linen yarn rooted in northern France, one of the world's leading flux (linen raw yarn) producing areas, the old shuttle-type loom allows you to fully enjoy the texture of linen canvas woven slowly and densely. Please enjoy.

measure | φ31 × h34.5cm (Shoulder belt / 90cm) Linen 100%
Product description: “BAILER BAG” of “3sun”, a manufacturer that makes things by up-cycle based in Okayama.

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