THE LUNCH BOX aluminium / accessories box

322 kr

Designed by Keita Suzuki and manufactured at Akao Aluminum Co., which is known for making the blanks of the 1 Yen coin.

Manufactured by Akao Aluminum, a comprehensive aluminum manufacturer that handles everything from materials to products. The fact that they make prototypes of 1-yen coins before engraving shows how high their skills are. By making the bottom area smaller than a typical anodized aluminum lunch box and increasing the height accordingly, "THE” has achieved a shape that is easy to carry and does not get in the way of your bag. The capacity is 375ml. It's just the right size for children and two for adults, one for rice and one for side dishes. In addition, by making the top lid longer than a normal anodized aluminum lunch box, it is designed to make it difficult to remove the lid and prevent juice leakage. Another feature is that the lid opens and closes very smoothly.

When looking back at the original landscape of Japanese lunch boxes, the one that always comes to mind is the Hinomaru bento. Actually, this "THE LUNCH BOX" has a small trick hidden in it. There is a certain size standard for umeboshi, but if you place the largest umeboshi in the center of "THE LUNCH BOX," which is covered with rice, you can create a "Hinomaru Bento" that is exactly the same size as the Japanese flag.

size | 12 × 8 × H4.5 cm
Material Body/Lid | Aluminum
Weight about | 110g
capacity | 375ml

Specifications Surface treatment |  Anodized

Since it is not a sealed box, it may leak if you put foods with a lot of sauce.
Please avoid using it in the dishwasher, dryer, microwave oven, and oven.
Please use a sponge to avoid scratches on the aluminum surface.

Made in Japan

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