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A cleaning cloth was made using THE SPONGE fabric, which has amazing cleaning power that can be used to remove oil stains with just water.

The most distinctive feature of THE CLEANING CLOTH is that, unlike sponges, it can be used in the most suitable form for the intended use.
You can use it by cutting it to your desired size with scissors, as you can open or fold it and use it as it is.

The size is 42cm in width and 21cm in height.
You can wash while wrapping dishes and cooking utensils firmly. When folded, it is ideal for cleaning large areas such as mirrors, window glasses, and bathrooms. It does not need to be wiped twice because it can remove dirt just by moistening it with water. In addition, if it is cut into small pieces, it can be used for various purposes, such as removing the dirt on the cables of electronic devices, keyboards and shoe soles, making use of the thinness of the cloth.

The secret of falling down to oil stains with water alone is the special synthetic rubber that demonstrates outstanding adsorption and friction.
Special synthetic rubber is a well-balanced mixture of two rubbers with different properties, a general-purpose rubber latex with high oil absorbency and a polar polymer latex with moderate adhesiveness. The dough that has been impregnated with liquefied special synthetic rubber, dried and hardened does not use any abrasives, so it will not damage the subject.

Nazihama Co., Ltd., which is the only company in the world that can produce special synthetic rubber, and develops products utilizing that technology.

notes | After use, squeeze out excess water and dry.

material | 100% cotton (Surface treatment: synthetic rubber latex)
heat resistant | 100℃
size | 42 x 21cm

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