Magewappa Recycled Leather Shoulder Bag

1.378 kr

A new bag created by crafts

This bag is inspired by the "Kabatoji" method of making magewappa, in which wooden boards are sewn together with cherry bark. It is a bag with a new structure in which the main body of recycled leather is sewn together, just like bending a tree and sewing it with cherry bark. The sewn area is a unique accent, giving it a unique appearance that blends tradition and modernity.

Recycled leather that can be enjoyed over time

Recycled leather is a material made by hardening crushed leather fibers with resin. It has a unique cork-like texture, and when used in the same way as leather, it becomes more lustrous and you can enjoy aging. You can get used to it every time you use it.

Use properly according to the situation

The shoulder strap that is fastened with a giboshi can be adjusted in length and is removable, and can be used in two ways: a shoulder strap or a handheld one. For everyday use or going out, wear it on your shoulder or diagonally. If you have it on hand, you can match it with your clothes when you are called or with beautiful eyes.

Drawstring purse can be taken out

It comes with a drawstring purse that allows you to remove the linen, so you can tie it with a string when you don't want to see the contents. The bottom is flat and easy to stabilize, rounded and easy to put in and take out. You can use only a drawstring purse for a little shopping.

Material | Body: Recycled leather / Inner bag: 100% linen

weight | About 170g

size | 19 x 15.5 x 8.5cm
Gusset | 13cm
Handle inner circumference | 50cm

Houlder strap length | 100cm

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* Black spots may appear on the main body, but please note that this is a characteristic of recycled leather.
* If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth by tapping it.
* Because it is very sensitive to moisture, it may cause stains, discoloration, discoloration and blisters if it adheres. If it gets wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth as soon as possible and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
* Please be careful as the color may fade due to friction, sweat, water, etc., and stain your clothes.
* Unlike natural leather, recycled leather contains a resin that hardens crushed leather, so if you use a care agent such as a cleaner or cream, it may cause stains or uneven color.
* Please avoid using benzine or thinner.
* Avoid hot and humid places, and store in a well-ventilated place.

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