Manekineko Niginigi baby toy

212 kr

It is a niginigi (grip toy) with a motif of Japanese figures. Japanese figures history started when potters and woodworkers made toys for children between jobs.
The beckoning cat who raises his left hand calls people, so it is a hope that the children will be blessed with many friends.

You will hear a whistle sound when you press the body of the toy.

It is a perfect toy for baby gifts.

size | 6 x 13.5 x 3.5 cm
material | 100% cotton / Filling: 100% polyester / Ear part: 100% polyester

Made in Japan

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* Please wash by hands and dry in the shade.
* Please dry it to the inside as it may cause the whistle to not working.
* Please avoid leaving it soaked for a long time or leaving it wet.
* Please avoid soaking and washing, using detergent containing bleach, and tumbler drying.

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