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Japanese essential oil, Hinoki cypress from Nara

The ``Japanese Essential Oils'' series is extracted from plants that are rooted in various parts of Japan, from the north to the south. Essential oils are fragrant liquids extracted from plants. Familiar scents that are closely associated with Japanese life can be easily incorporated into daily life, even for fragrance beginners. First, choose essential oils based on your favorite scent and how you would like to use them.

Yoshino cypress, a representative high-quality building material
Main ingredients: α-pinene, d-limonene, β-myrcene, casinool, etc.
Fragrance characteristics: Fresh and calming woody scent

Extracted from the wood of Yoshino cypress from Nara Prefecture. Although cypress can be found all over Japan, it only grows wild in Japan and Taiwan, and Yoshino cypress is famous as a brand tree. It has been used as a high-quality building material for a long time, and is also used in shrines and temples, as well as in hot spring resorts and high-class Japanese inns.

The mild scent makes it easy to use in shared spaces such as the living room and bathroom, and is recommended for various areas throughout the house.
*Please consult your doctor or veterinarian before use if you are pregnant, have infants, have a medical condition, or are using this product in an environment with pets.

Recommended usage
If you are using it for the first time, please try using a small amount of essential oil before use. If you are pregnant, infants, or have a medical history, consult your doctor before use. Please do not use this method for infants under 3 years old. If you feel any abnormality during or after use, please stop using it.

Please tilt the bottle gently and add one drop at a time (1 drop is approximately 0.05ml).

For scenting futons and cushions
Cut a towel or cloth to the appropriate size, add one drop of essential oil, and then tuck it inside a futon or cushion cover in your closet. If the scent weakens, add more in the same way.

Feel like a hot spring with the scent of cypress
Add 4 to 5 drops of essential oil to baking soda in the summer, or 4 to 5 tablespoons of natural salt in the cold season, mix well, and take a bath. Rather than putting everything into the bathtub at once, we recommend adding it in two to three times, one just before bathing and one during bathing. Even if your nose gets used to it and it becomes difficult to detect it, you can enjoy the scent over and over again with the "trailing aroma".

Forest bathing with cleaning
Add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil to a spray container filled with 200ml of water and shake thoroughly. Spray on a wrung out cloth and wipe clean. That's all you need to do to turn your room into a forest bathing space after cleaning. If it's not enough, use it as an air freshener by spraying it into the space as a finishing touch. Be careful not to get it on household appliances. (*)

*Essential oils can damage plastic, so we recommend a glass container. Essential oils deteriorate easily, so be careful how you store them and use them up as soon as possible after diluting them.

Text supervision: Hiroko Shigematsu (Representative of J Style Aroma Institute, British ITEC certified aromatherapist)

Product Details
Material Hinoki essential oil
Extraction part material
Extraction method: reduced pressure thermal circulation method
Contents: 5ml

size | φ2.5 x h5.2cm

Made in Japan 

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Estimated expiry date
Please use it within 6 months after opening. Even if it is within the expiration date, if you notice an unpleasant or irritating odor that is different from when you opened the package, please stop using it.

[Precautions before use]
*Do not apply the undiluted solution directly to your skin.
*Please do not drink it.
*If you are pregnant, infants, or have a medical history, please consult your doctor before use.
*Depending on the type of pet, there may be scents that the pet does not like, or it may cause poisoning symptoms, so please consult your veterinarian before use.
*Essential oils are used in traditional and folk medicine, but essential oils are not medicines in Japan. Do not try to cure your physical condition with essential oils alone; seek treatment from a doctor.
*The functionality of essential oils is not guaranteed. It may vary depending on the amount used, method of use, and personal sensitivity.
*Please use the product correctly according to its intended use.
[Precautions during use]
*If essential oil drips onto the inner stopper or the mouth of the bottle during use, please wipe it off with a cotton swab without putting the cap on. If the undiluted solution gets on your skin, wash it off with soap.
*If you feel any abnormality during or after use, please stop using it.
*Please be careful of fire.
*Please note that if it adheres to surrounding objects, it may stain or discolor.

[Precautions after use]
*After use, close the cap and store this product in an upright position.
*Avoid using or storing in high temperature, high humidity or direct sunlight, and store in a cool, dark place.
*Please keep out of reach of infants and pets.

[Other notes]
*Essential oils are natural materials extracted from plants. Although it is filtered during the manufacturing process, there may be rare cases where turbidity or sludge appears, but it can be used without any quality problems. In addition, the ingredients may recrystallize and harden. If it hardens, warm the bottle in your palm or in a hot water bath before use. If the cap gets sticky, wipe it off thoroughly before closing it.
*Due to the characteristics of glass bottles, the thickness of the bottle is not constant, so there may be differences in the height of the liquid level.
*Remove any remaining essential oil from used bottles, lids, and droppers, wash them thoroughly, and dispose of them according to the garbage disposal regulations of each local government.
*The ratio of essential oil components may vary depending on the growing conditions of the raw material plants, such as the weather of the year. Therefore, the scent and feeling of use may change.

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