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Compact wallet recommended for card users and travel
We have created a thin and small wallet that fits easily in the back pocket of your jacket or pants and does not spoil the line of your clothes. It has a simple structure with a bill compartment and card pocket attached to the clasp that opens wide, and is recommended for those who do not carry much cash or as a travel wallet.

Attractive simplicity with narrowed down functions
The wallet has a compact size of 9.5 cm in length and width and 2 cm in thickness. Bills can be folded in half and placed in the pocket just behind the clasp, and cards can be placed in the four pockets on the back. It is a minimal form with limited functions that was made possible because of the increase in payment methods other than cash.

Small enough to fit in pants pocket
Cowhide leather is a material that becomes familiar with the person as it is used, and the taste increases. Please use it regularly for a long time while enjoying the aging. Even if you already have a wallet, it is convenient to have a compact wallet for subs. It is also recommended as a gift.

Material | Leather: Cowhide / Lining: Cotton / Base: Iron

Specifications | 1 bill compartment/1 coin compartment/4 card compartments.

size | 9.5 x 9.5 x 2cm

made in Japan

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*Because cowhide is a natural material, it may have wrinkles and scratches.
* Colors may fade due to friction, sweat, water, etc., and may stain clothing.
* When removing dirt, please use a dedicated cleaner.
*Storing it while wet may cause stains and mold.
* Discoloration may occur if placed in a place exposed to light for a long time.

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