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Chu-dyed Carp Streamer

Elevate your decor with this exquisite carp streamer, crafted from premium tenugui fabric and dyed using the traditional chusen technique. Each piece showcases unique textures and charming variations in shading, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation. The soft, gentle texture beautifully captures the essence of a carp gracefully swaying in the wind. Its compact size offers versatile display options, making it a perfect addition to any space—be it a cozy nook, a serene bedroom, or an elegant living area. Add a touch of tradition and artistry to your home with this captivating, limited-edition carp streamer.

Body: cotton
Stick: natural wood
String: cotton/linen
Other parts: iron/wood

Overall size when decorated | Approx. 48 x 62cm
Carp streamer parent (vermilion/navy) | Approx. 16 x 40cm
Carp streamer (light blue) | Approx. 14 x 34cm

Tapestry stick | 41.2×1.5×1cm

Made in Japan


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How to decorate
*Adjust the shape of the mouth of the carp streamer, spread it out as shown in the image, and hang the upper string from the hook for decoration.

Product handling
*If it gets dirty, wipe it off by dabbing it with a tightly wrung cloth.
*Please store in a dry place away from strong winds and direct sunlight.
*Please display out of reach of children.
*Please discontinue use if it is deformed or damaged.

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