Bamboo rake with a Manekineko | Black cat

166 kr

In addition to the white cat raising the right hand, the black cat raising the left hand has appeared in the palm-sized rake.
Maneki Neko is a lucky charm for good luck. The cat raising the right hand is a male cat, which is said to invite good luck, and the cat raising the left hand is a female cat, which is said to invite people. Black cats have been called "lucky cats" in Japan as a talisman and a symbol of good luck for reasons such as "the night's eyes work". Invite a lot of good things and collect even small fortunes. It can be hung up and displayed, and it is also recommended to accompany it as a gift.

Material | Rake: Bamboo / Ornament(cat): Plaster, linen, brass

Size | W3 x L6 x D2 cm

made in Japan

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