2.557 kr

The material of the standard bag "TRAINMAN" of "BAG WORKS" with the motif of the conductor's bag is different. The material has been changed from cowhide to vinyl chloride-processed No. 8 canvas while maintaining the characteristic design with the base. It has a more casual impression and is designed to be easy to use in town. The interior is made of durable cotton fabric and has one pocket that is convenient for organizing small items.

BAGWORKS is developing bags with the concept of "bag of work" since 1954. Their bags can be used in daily life and bringing the advantage of the functions and features of bags specialized for different professions. They are durable and functional commercial bag used by people in different occupations. For example, "POSTMAN", "DOCTORMAN" a range of redesigned versions to suit our daily life.

Material | No. 8 canvas, PVC processing

weight | About350g
size | w27.5 x d6 x h22

Shoulder strap length | About 107-122

made in Japan

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