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BAGWORKS proudly presents the classic "Postman" and its compact counterpart, the "Postman MINI," both available exclusively in sleek black. Drawing inspiration from the iconic bags carried by postmen during their deliveries, these bags are meticulously crafted from soft No. 8 canvas, offering unparalleled durability and lightweight comfort that seamlessly conforms to your body.

BAGWORKS POSTMAN: Completing the Puzzle

- Envelope and Postcard Protection Lid: Secure your mail from the elements with the snap-closure lid, designed to shield your precious cargo from rain and wind during transit. The MINI variant features a convenient magnet closure for easy access, catering to users of all ages.

- Quick-Access Open-Mouth Design: Embrace efficiency with the open-mouth design, allowing for swift retrieval of your contents without the hassle of zippers or clasps. Inside, customizable pockets accommodate various envelope and postcard sizes, ensuring organization tailored to your needs. (Please note: Pocket specifications may vary by bag size.)

- Your Versatile Companion: Whether you're a dedicated postman or an adventurous soul, there's a Postman bag to suit every occasion. The standard size fits A4 documents perfectly, ideal for work or leisurely outings. Opt for the smaller B5 variant for compact convenience, or choose the MINI size for essentials like water bottles and snacks. Sometimes, the best journeys are the ones taken without a destination in mind.

Elevate your everyday adventures with the epitome of functionality and style—the BAGWORKS Postman series, available exclusively in timeless black.


material | No. 8 canvas (cotton), genuine leather

weight | About 250g
size | W26 x L20 x D7cm 

Shoulder length | About 67 to 122cm

Specifications | Opening magnet hook, inner pocket 1

Made in Japan

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Precautions for handling:

Here are the improved versions of the given text:

1. Magnetic Hooks Caution:
Please note that our bags feature magnetic hooks. Bringing magnetized items such as tickets, IC cards, or mobile phones in close proximity may render them unusable due to magnetic interference. Kindly exercise caution.

2. Missing Cowhide Key Holder:
Please be aware that the 'POSTMAN MISSING PIECE MINI' does not include a cowhide key holder as part of its accessories.

3. Cleaning Instructions:
To maintain the pristine condition of your bag, we recommend gently tapping it with a soft brush or a firmly wrung cloth to remove dirt and debris.

4. Preventing Damage from Moisture:
Avoid storing your bag while damp, as it may lead to staining, mold growth, and metal rust. Ensure it is thoroughly dried before storage.

5. Natural Characteristics of Canvas:
As canvas is crafted from natural materials, slight variations such as thread joints and weave irregularities (horizontal lines and thread joints) may occur. Please understand that these are inherent features of the material.

6. Canvas Dyeing Characteristics:
Please be mindful that the dye used on the canvas may fade when exposed to moisture from rain, sweat, or strong rubbing, as well as when subjected to prolonged sunlight exposure.

7. Effects of Paraffin Processing:
Canvas treated with paraffin may exhibit folding, wrinkling, and whitening on the surface of the fabric. Kindly anticipate these characteristics as part of the material's nature.

8. Leather Care:
For leather components, apply a small amount of leather-specific cleaner onto a soft cloth and gently wipe to maintain its condition and cleanliness.

9. Natural Deterioration Warning:
Please be aware that natural deterioration may result in whitening of the leather over time.


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