134 kr
The perfect companion for your gourmet adventures – our half-teaspoon salt spoon, tailored to fit snugly into your favorite salt cellar.

Crafted for both practicality and style, its compact design ensures effortless seasoning and easy handling.

Complete your collection with our matching 'full teaspoon' size, both elegantly crafted from premium materials.

material | Maple (urethane coating)
size | 2.5 x 4.5 x h1cm

made in Japan

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Care Instructions:

  • Unique Craftsmanship: Each piece is hand-cut, resulting in individual variations. Please note that capacities may vary slightly.

  • Handle with Care: Avoid hitting, biting, or applying excessive force, as it may cause damage.

  • Gentle Cleaning: To maintain its quality, avoid soaking or washing. After use, wash with hot or cold water and dry with a soft cloth.

  • Avoid Heat and Dishwashers: Do not use in microwave, oven, dishwasher, or dish dryer.

  • Storage Tips: Store away from direct sunlight to prevent deformation or discoloration.

  • Use with Caution: Refrain from using abrasive brushes or polishing powders.

  • Intended Use: Use the product for its designated purpose and handle it accordingly.

  • Disinfection Note: This product does not support all disinfection methods such as boiling, chemical solutions, or microwave ovens.

  • Safe Materials: Rest assured, this product utilizes safe materials that have passed food hygiene inspections.

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