A coaster using petrified wood, which is said to have been fossilized by the pressure applied from the stratum over a long period of time.
This mysterious shape created by nature is not the same.
It can be used for various purposes such as trays.

* Because natural materials are used, the color and shape are different from the picture and contains nature stripes, please understand that this is not a defect.
* With non-slip on the back.

size | Approximately w13 x h1 x d9cm

material  | Petrified wood

Made in Indonesia

What is petrified wood?

Petrified wood, also known as wood fossil.
Ancient trees are buried in the underground layer with earth and sand, and pressure is applied from the layer.

There, silicic acid (a compound of silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen) that is abundant in the soil
After spending hundreds of millions of years infiltrating the intracellular and cell walls of trees
It is petrified by petrified wood.

The thickness is around 9mm ~ 1cm. There is a roughness on the surface.

Also, it is only called "fossil of wood",
When you hold it in your hand, you will feel a heavy weight.

Some petrified wood is partially coalified,
When you touch the side part, the hollow and coal part may fall into powder.

Thank you for your understanding so that you can understand it as a characteristic of the product.

No one has the same shape, such as color and shape.
Each piece is made by hand.

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