Ukiyo-e | Three Beauties Of The Present Day Gray


Utamaro was a well-known ukiyo-e artist especially his pictures of female beauties or “Bijinga E He depicts three celebrity beauties in the Edo-Kansei era. The three depicted are Tomino-toyohina, Naniwa kita and Takashima Hisa.

size | 48 x 48 cm

material | 100% cotton
Made in Japan

48 Ukiyo-e
Ukiyoe is one of the traditional arts of Japan. having a great influence overseas in the late 1900s.
This series of 50cm square patterns is taken from the world of Ukiyoe.
The material can be used as a book cover, small size bottle holder or wrapping to gift.
The design will give a New face to any object that is being wrapped.
A new design is “KurofujI Efrom the famous artist HOKUSAI.
There are 4 type of Mt.Fuji.
Please enjoy the visions of Japanese scenery from the Ukiyoe world.

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