Tsubame Notebook H100S | A5


The design of the cover with a profound feeling has not changed from 1947 (Showa 22) to present.

Nowadays, it is a favourite for many as it has a calm and elegant design.

The paper used is fools paper. Fools paper is of the highest quality for writing, easy to write, does not bleed, is not too slippery nor too grainy. No fluorescent dye is used for the color, so your eyes will not get tired.

In particular, the fools paper is called swallow acid-free paper fools, which is made with great care. Contains fools marks (watermark) on high-quality paper.

Bookbinding is also thread binding, so it is durable. While pursuing genuine and good products, it is now recognised as a Japanese classic notebook that can be compared to the world's high-end notebooks used by many people.

Lined notebook
Suitable for pens, water-based pens and pencils

material | paper
size | 14.8 x 21cm, 100 pages

Made in Japan

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