Throughout | TEMPO MOBILE



This is a mobile which looks like an accessory  with a series of circular shapes drawn by fine, single lines. The  collection of traversable curved lines reminds us of physical processes  which gradually change over time like a cloud in the windless sky or the  plant growing day by day. Floating this mobile in the space just like  wearing an accessory, one can add a fresh nuance to the ordinary room.

Dimensions | W500mm H740mm
Material | Copper / Brass Color | Copper / Brass
Weight | 300g

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Director, TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER (founded in 1999) / He specializes in furniture design and is engaged in product/interior design projects and collaborative works with various architects. In  recent years, he broadens the scope of his activity into various design  fields regardless of scale by deepening his conception of furniture  making. He aims to design a new way of “presence” beyond which the shape  of an object can display.

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