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Brass rings can be fitted with different ornamental heads by screwing the two together allowing you to enjoy various combinations.

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Available in 7 Ring sizes. 

An industrial design by Kaori Tazoe, based in Tokyo and manufactured by the small factory Yazawa and some other metal cutters from the Ota area in Tokyo using their special technology.

The Small Factory Ring is designed by the contemporary artist Kaori Tazoe and produced by a family company called Yazawa Manufacturing in Ota-ku. This neighbourhood Ota in Tokyo is known for the many small metalworking factories. Yazawa Manufacturing is specialized in precision work for the purpose of very small parts for industrial machines.

In addition to the rings with one of more holes, Kaori Tazoe has also designed a series of cups that can be screwed onto the rings. She was inspired by the forms of the industrial products, that are usually produced by the factory. Endless amount of different rings can be created by combining different types of rings and different types of cups.

 material | brass

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