Small cup / sake cup | MASHIKO


It is a vessel of 6 designs using Mashiko's glaze and technique. The cute bowl, which is based on the shape of a rice bowl, is a size that can be used not only for teacups but also for sake, small dishes, sauces etc. 

size | φ9 x h4.7 cm
material | pottery Mashiko yaki
Made in Japan

Remarks | Microwave oven OK  / Dishwasher OK
* You can use the microwave, but please refrain from using it for a long time.

● Before using, soak it in lukewarm water or rice broth before using it to prevent tea astringency and stains.
● When using, clean it with kitchen detergent, etc., and dry it sufficiently before storing it. Since it is water-absorbent, leaving it inadequately dried may cause mold, stains and odors.
● For pottery products, the soil particles used are rough, so do not drag the pottery on a table or the like. (The table may be scratched.)
● You may see a crack-like pattern that occurs in the glaze called intrusive rock.

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