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About the product
Marianne Hallberg x Seto ware
Marianne Hallberg is collaborating with Seto-yaki, a porcelain brand with a long history and tradition. 

[About the design]
Her unique blurred blue called Marianne Blue is on a clean white background. It is a joint work worthy of being called "Marianne of Japan" because it is delicately reproduced with Seto ware down to the smallest details. Marianne's unique style is the technique of expressing three-dimensional objects two-dimensionally.

[About Seto ware]
A traditional ceramics brand based in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. It has been a familiar part of people's lives for a long time, and since many of them have been exported overseas, it has become widely known as a representative traditional craft that conveys the charm of "made in Japan" to the world. Marianne's Japanese partner pottery is one of the representative potteries of Seto ware that has been around since the Taisho era.

* Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Size | H2 × W25.5 × D15.5 CM

Material | Semi-porcelain (Seto ware)

Made in Japan

*Since each item is handmade by a craftsman, there may be individual differences in color, blur, shade, shape, etc.

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