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"Panjikan" from TSUJIMOTO coffee won the TOP AWARDS ASIA 2021 ♪

The relationship between bread and coffee is very deep and gently wraps them in a “nice time”. Tsujimoto Coffee proposed specialty coffee that goes well with each type of bread.

In order to convey the message that the product is "a drip coffee that makes you want to eat bread," the design features a large illustration of bread, even though it is a drip coffee package. Also, since the product name "Panjikan" is very unique, we kept the text on the surface to a minimum to make the product name stand out. The illustration of the bread was created using woodblock printing. The unique texture of the woodblock print gives a sense of simplicity and warmth, and by drawing bread scraps, bites of bread, and jam sticking out of the bread, we created a sense of realism that makes people want to reach for the product.

Product concept

The drip coffee "Panjikan" was developed based on the concept of coffee that goes well with bread. Four types of bread are followers ; cream buns, croissants, jam toast, and baguette, and the specialty coffee that goes with each bread is freshly roasted and ground into drip bag coffee.

PANJIKAN (bread time)
The raw material for “PANJIKAN” is specialty coffee carefully selected by Q grader.
What our "TSUJIMOTO coffee" wants to deliver is a "SUTEKINA JIKAN" (nice time) that begins through coffee, not just coffee as a drink.

We would be delighted to be able to provide you  a cup of coffee in your everyday life.

Coffee that fits croissant
Country of origin:Columbia Santuario farm
type:Tipica species 
Purification method:Washed Degree
Degree of roasting:Full City Roast
Coffee that fits cream bread
Country of origin:Rwanda Umrege CWS Bourbon
type:Bourbon species 
Purification method:Natural
Degree of roasting:High Roast
Coffee that fits baguette 
Country of origin:El Cedro Farm in Costa Rica
type:Catuai variety
Purification method:Natural
Degree of roasting:High Roast
Flavor:pleasant sweetness of refreshing citrus in the aftertaste
Coffee that fits Jam toast 
Country of origin:Tirtira Goyo (74110, 74112) managed by METAD, Ethiopia
type:Tipica species 
Purification method:Sun dry
Degree of roasting:High Roast
Flavor:soft texture and a gorgeous aroma
Ingredients: Coffee bean (powder)
Content: 11g x 4 portions

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