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In order to take advantage of the characteristics of mocha, the roasting is a little shallower than in Colombia, which is popular.

Since it has caffeine removed, it has a light taste, but you can feel the rich aroma, gentle acidity, and sweetness that are typical of mocha.
The coffee is very refreshing even after you finish drinking.

Of course, caffeine is removed by the "Mountain Water Process" that does not use any chemicals (residual rate of 0.1% or less), so pregnant women can enjoy it with peace of mind.

The mountain water process uses natural water that springs from the 5,500m-class mountain "Pico de Orizaba" in Mexico.

It is a high-quality caffeine-less coffee with a caffeine residue rate of 0.1% or less while valuing the flavor of coffee.

Caffeine is removed without using any chemicals, so you can enjoy it with confidence.

About Decaf Mocha
Mocha is also famous as a brand of coffee.
Origin of Mocha It comes from the small port town of Mocha, which faces the Red Sea on the southwestern coast of Yemen.

A long time ago, coffee produced in Arabia was shipped from this port, so it was called "Mocha Coffee" after the port.
Decaf Mocha uses coffee beans "Mocha Shidamo" from Ethiopia, a country next to Yemen.
Ethiopia is said to be one of the birthplaces of coffee, and the name coffee comes from the Kaffa region, where the coffee tree was discovered.

Our "Mocha Shidamo" cultivation area is a high altitude area with a height of 2,000 m, and cherries grow slowly in an environment with a large temperature difference.

The refining method is natural (sun-dried), which is made by the traditional process of sun-drying coffee cherries (with pulp) and then threshing.

You can enjoy a pleasant coffee with the sweet and mellow aroma and richness peculiar to Ethiopia, and the smooth acidity.

Contents | 200g
Ingredients | Coffee beans
Country of origin of raw beans | Ethiopian caffeine
Best-by date | Approximately half a year after the product arrives
※After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.

Manufacturer / roaster | Tsujimoto coffee

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