Marugame fan with fabric and paper


Made in Marugame City in Shikoku, a city known  for making fans in Japan.

Fans made from Japanes bamboo (from Kagawa Prefecture), each of the fan is carefully, one by one by skilled craftsman.

There is a total of 47 processes to make one fan.
Using block print fabrics on the front and Locta paper on the back, carefully mounted on the Japanese bamboo.

The design is focusing on the characteristics and beauty of natural materials, with a Scandinavian atmosphere, a soft touch and a timeless taste.

The block print cloth is designed so that it blends into your interior and the fan shape is a slightly narrowed so it is convenient to carry around.

Material | Bamboo, cotton fabric and paper
Size | L about 37 cm x W about 16 cm

Handmade in Japan

* Because all are handmade, please note that there may be individual differences depending on the part where the pattern is taken.

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