Mamezara | Blue | Azmaya


Mamezara is a popular dinner plate in Japan. You can easily find pictures of Mamezara in Japanese table settings. It is cute tableware, a useful plate, and collectible items.

Also great for keeping small accessories for use as an incense stand holder.

Small plates in auspicious shapes.

The patterns are printed using technology originating since the Edo period in Japan, it is the Gosu (呉須)dye, transferred to the surface of the porcelain bit by bit, each hand-made plate has different shades of color, and occasionally there may be pattern that is slightly smudged like a stamp, each is unique, which is its charm.

The blue pattern and white porcelain are a refreshing combination that is a joy to use every day.

The dishwasher and microwave oven are safe.

material | Amakusa porcelain

- Ume | Φ82 x H20mm
- Mokkou | W92 x D63 x H25 mm
- Hyoutan | W90 x D72 x H19 mm
- Ougi | W102 x D63 x H17 mm
- Himawari | Φ81 x H19mm
- Tampopo | Φ82 x H20mm
- Momo | W83 x D80 x H23mm

Made in Japan

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