Lisa Larson x Hasami ware | Fish Soap dish


Lisa Larson x Hasami ware

Soap dish 
This is a collaboration work between Hasami ware and Lisa Larson from Nagasaki prefecture. The point is the slightly blurred look of the blue fish! The dorsal fin is also made with particular attention.
It seems to be an accent for the interior of the room and the bathroom ♪
Not only can you keep the wet soap clean after use, but you can also use it for multiple purposes such as accessories, coins, and key holders.

What is Hasami ware | 
Hasami Town in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture is a traditional craft of production. Hasami-yaki, which has a history of 400 years, is durable, easy to handle, and is popular for its smooth texture. Hasami ware, which is a simple and high-quality material that is easy to get used to in daily life, has been attracting attention with various designs and brands in recent years.

Size | W12 x H2 x D10.5cm
Weight 150g
Material |  porcelain

Made in Japan

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