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KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO' (lit. 'Paper Workshop') began in 2006 as a project to develop novel uses of paper. To date, 16 designers have collaborated with the production team to create and sell products such as the highly successful 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories series, and the airvase.

The KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO book offers a visual introduction to all items produced by KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO so far, including insight into the development process, and history of the project. Each section is printed on a different type of paper, and this special edition comes with a limited edition supplement of three items, as well as a special case folded from a single sheet of paper.

This special offer includes a limited edition Paper Case featuring artwork by Manga artist Yuichi Yokoyama, limited edition p-g Paper Glasses, and the newly released `Black & White Animals of the sea` card.

Title | Design x Paper 02 KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO no hon
Editor | Shu Hagiwara
Design | Azumi Mitsuboshi

Case | Made from a single folded sheet of paper

Specs | A5 thread bound. 72 page color. Six types of paper used in the book's pages.

Supplement | Business card holder with design by Yuichi Yokoyama, paper glasses made from special paper, new black and white animal card.

List of contents | Introduction to around 20 items. / Columns on Fukunaga Sikoh', 'stamping and folding techniques','product development process'. / History of activities. / Designer profiles.

PACKAGE SIZE | 233×160 mm
WEIGHT | 270grams

Made in Japan

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