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Azmaya, which produces daily necessities with domestic craftsmen, makes use of Japanese materials and techniques to create high-quality products that pay attention to detail.

All of the items that are made with the same attention to detail that make use of the skills of skilled craftsmen, which can be said to be Japan's assets, will make you re-recognize the Japanese sense of beauty.

Azmaya revives such good old Japanese "tools" in modern times, and at the same time, changes them into designs that match modern life, and teach us a new side of Japan.

A new "juicer No. 2" appeared in the popular juicer.
It's one size bigger, and you can squeeze oranges and grapefruits and enjoy it.
You can serve freshly squeezed juice directly to the table.

The material is Amakusa pottery stone from Kumamoto Prefecture. It is made of purely domestic porcelain that is baked in a kiln in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture.
The bulge of the mountain where the half-cut lemon is applied is higher and rounder.
Grooves are sharp everywhere.
The shape of the squeezer has been devised through repeated experiments so that the last drop can be squeezed without stress.
Since the seeds remain in the saucer, only the juice can be filtered cleanly.

The pot part is about 280ml and has a capacity of about 2 cups.
You can also make original dressings, sauces, and sauces by combining squeezed fruit juice, soy sauce, sake, and dashi directly inside.

The spout of the pot has a thinner glaze than the rest of the body, making it easy to cut and less likely to drip.

The manual citrus juicer is a rare item, not a mass-produced item.
Depending on the timing, it takes half a year for the next arrival. If you would like to get this Japanese ceramic juicer, we recommend getting it as soon as possible.
material | Amakusa pottery stone, limestone
manufacturing | Shiratake Pass (Nagasaki Town, Nagasaki Prefecture)
design | Osamu Saruyama GUILLEMETS + SARUYAMA prototype
size | w12.5 × d12.5 × h13 cm

Appropriate amount approx. 280ml, approx. 450ml when full

microwave-safe, dishwasher safe

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