G-Type Soy Sauce Dispenser | Black


Soy sauce is an indispensable seasoning in Japan.

The G-Type Soy Sauce Pot was designed in 1958 by Masahiro Mori for pouring soy sauce at the dining table, and has been continuously manufactured for over 60 years since.
Its shape offers stability and an easy grip, its wide opening  makes filling and washing easy and spout resists dripping.

By tabbing the little hole on the lid , you can stop and control the pouring.

Designed by Masahiro Mori (1927-2005)

*Good Design Long Life Design Award

Microwave |OK

Dishwasher | OK

Size | Large  6.8 x H9 cm | 120ml

          Small   5.6 x H7.2 cm | 80ml

Material | porcelain
Made in Japan

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