Cotton linen 5-toes socks


Cotton linen 5-finger socks
The five-fingered sock made with a sock maker in Koryo-cho, Nara Prefecture, which boasts the highest production volume in Japan and is also known as a sock town, features the toe and heel colors that are visible when you take off your shoes.
The five-finger type, which is characterized by comfortable stimulation between the fingers, absorbs sweat between the fingers efficiently, so it is also useful for odor and stuffiness measures. In addition, since each finger moves freely and acts firmly, the force is applied in a well-balanced manner to the entire foot including the finger, maintaining a correct posture, and is also effective for hallux valgus and flat feet. It is a long-selling sock that is often loved by the whole family.

material | 55% cotton, 24% hemp, 17% polyester, 4% polyurethane

made in Japan

※ Please wash your hands weakly with lukewarm water (35-40 ℃).
* If you use a washing machine, please put it on the net.
* Do not bleach.
* Please hang it upside down with the rubber mouth up in a well-ventilated shade.

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