THE Soy Sauce Bottle CLEAR 80ml


The function required for a soy sauce bottle is "to prevent dripping" no matter what. The development of "THE Soy sauce bottle " started by this aim.

The original design of the spout. By many  production trials, THE soy sauce runs out comfortably even though there is no "beak" on the top.

About shape, THE aimed for the most soy sauce bottle-like form. Based on the old-fashioned soy sauce bottle with a iconical glass bottle with the red lid that many people probably think of as a soy sauce bottle.

The material, all parts are made of "crystal glass", which has the highest transparency among the glasses. As a result, there is no need to screw in to fit the plastic, making it more hygienic and cleaner in appearance.

The capacity, freshness is important to keep the soy sauce delicious. Nowadays the choices of seasoning have increased, soy sauce is used less frequently than before. Therefore, the actual capacity of the bottle is 80 ml, which is a capacity that is easy to finish before losing the freshness.

The body has a constricted shape and is easy to hold, but the height is 113 mm, which is a little small overall. Furthermore, by making the bottom thicker, it has a structure that it can stand firmly.

The transparent and beautiful finish fits well with any occations, both Western and Japanese table settings.

Manufactured in a designated factory with the traditional technique of Aomori traditional craft "Tsugaru Vidro" in collaboration with Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd., which was founded in the Edo period.

“THE” completed the "world's most beautiful, non-dripping soy sauce bottle" that can be used with anything such as olive oil, sauce, and vinegar, as well as soy sauce.

size | φ4.7 × h11.3cm
Material | Crystal glass
capacity | 80 ml

Made in Japan

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● It is not heat-resistant glass. It may crack due to a sudden temperature difference.
-Cannot be used in microwave ovens or ovens. Also, do not put hot water, put cold things while the glass is warm, or put it in a wet place.
● Because it is a handmade product, there may be slight variations in color, pattern, shape, weight, etc.

* When setting the lid and main body, do not apply too much force.
* If you apply too much force or screw it in strongly, it may not come off.
*It is a structure in which liquid flows through the grooves of the main body and the lid. Please set the lid all the way to the back and use it. If it is dripping or dirty, wipe it off and keep it clean.
*Please keep the rubbing part clean as it is easy to get clogged and stick to it.
*If you do not use it for a long time, the lid may not come off, so please dry it well and put paper between the main body and the lid, or store them separately.
*If it sticks, soak it in lukewarm water, remove the clogged liquid, and then slowly move the lid to make it easier to remove.
* Do not store the product by laying it on its side with the contents inside.
*If it gets scratched, it will be easily damaged.
*Handle the glass so that it does not collide with other glass or hard objects.
*Avoid using metal scrubbers or cleansers that may damage the glass during cleaning.
*Please do not throw hard objects such as knives, forks, and spoons into the glass.
*Not heat-resistant glass. It may crack due to sudden temperature changes.
*Cannot be used in a microwave or oven. Also, do not fill the glass with hot water, put cold objects in the glass while it is warm, or place it in a wet place.
*Because it is a handmade product, there may be slight variations in color, pattern, shape, weight, etc.

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