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Antimicrobial carbonized wood is wood that was put in a state just before becoming charcoal by heat.Even when bacteria are attached, there is little moisture or nutrient that makes it nutrient, so bacteria can not reproduce and there is antibacterial action. Because it does not use chemical treatment, scientific paint, resin processing at all, it is environmentally friendly and also gentle to the body when discarded.

※ Because of the nature of antibacterial carbonized wood, oil is easy to soak.

Caring after use
After washing away the dirt, when it is finished use, please dry well and tidy up.
If it is damp, it will cause mold. · Please do not use metal scrub etc. · If you apply hot water after use, drying will be quicker, but please be careful about handling hot water. · Sometimes hit it with sunlight in a well-ventilated place.

Because natural wood is used, wood grain and color, texture differ one by one.Also, due to handmade products some errors will occur in size.

antibacterial carbonized wood.(Patent Acquired / Patent No. 4029427)

material | Antimicrobial carbonized wood

size | 20.6 x 6cm

made in Japan

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