Arita ware teacup


Arita porcelain cup with lovely lucky stamp
An Arita porcelain cup made with the home of Japanese porcelain and the potter of Arita. This is one of the Kihon-no-kitsukutsu series, which was born from the desire to use Japanese tableware that have different characteristics depending on their origin in their lives. Utilizing the high printing technology cultivated in the long history of Arita porcelain, the tableware that you want to use every day.

Take advantage of the transfer technology, which has an effect of blurring and bleeding.
Stamping is a painting technique that uses a pattern, pattern paper, or transfer paper to print a pattern on the cup before firing. With this technology, the time required for painting was greatly reduced, making it possible for people to commonly obtain the Arita dyed porcelain, which was a luxury item until then. Even though it is a transcription, the faintness and bleeding that appear in each one is deep and the expression is rich.

Since it is made by hand, there are individual differences in color and shape.

size |φ8.5 × h8cm
material | porcelain
capacity | 200 ml
weight | About 142 g

Made in Japan

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