NAMASU | Classic Arita deep dish - Tulip | amabro

699 kr
Along with Choku, amabro also revived the "folk cuisine dish" - Namasu, which was a diversity of commoners of the Edo period with the design of amabro.
Gold foil that works well in traditional patterns. As well as marinated and simmered dishes, you can also use it for salads and fruits. It is a handy plate that is useful from everyday use or festivity.
design | Tulip-Mon-Rinka
In 1660s, tulip had been widely favored in Netherlands. The flower of “Tulip-Mon-Rinka” is an imaginative flower of Japanese potter. Japanese potter in that time had never seen tulip. So, he painted his imaginative tulip on the Arita deep dish.

On unique tulips, golden birds are flying. The birds are painted in detail. The combination of flying birds and tulips makes an elegant and gorgeous plate. Also, red, white, and gold color are very auspicious in Japan. Elegant tableware would be great gift.

※ Microwave safe

Usually, tableware with gold or silver decoration are not microwave safe. NAMASU plate from amabro is “microwave SAFE!” It is very rare. You can warm dishes with the Arita deep plate in microwave. (Other series of amabro, MAME, CHOKU, and ERI are not microwave safe.)

size | φ 160 mm × h 47 mm 

material | Arita porcelain
Made in Japan

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