Everyone looks for a unique experience. Whether it’s crafting a bold atmosphere or creating a comfortable spot for everyday life, my company ZAKKAsine knows how to set the tone for any moment.

ZAKKAsine is an interior design shop based in Malmö that curates products from Japan and all across Asia. We provide Sweden and our customers with high-quality items that are practical, beautiful, and sure to spark joy in everyday life. Our range includes traditional to innovative modern home decor.

We have exclusive partnerships with Japanese design companies who believe in our brand.

Below are a few companies we distribute, and who we think would be a great fit for you:


A home decor and lifestyle brand produced by Japanese artist Amane Murakami. Respecting the old tradition of Japanese art, Amabro mixes the old and new together and designs a range of handmade porcelain, decor and lifestyle products with a modern artistic twist. Devoting full respect to timeless charm of Japanese craftsmanship and bringing art to everyday life. Our collection of Amabro products are ideal for cafes, restaurants, hospitality and boutiques that focus on tableware, interior design or lifestyle products. find out more

tempo mobile

A Japanese brand offering handmade interior mobiles that are designed by Japanese designers. Each piece is individually crafted by hand in Japan under different production techniques. Tempo sources its materials from local towns, and works closely with designers to create a sculpture that captures a unique rhythm. Tempo is ideal for hotels, hospitality, shops, offices, or any space looking to create a favorable atmosphere. find out more


tendo mokko

Established in 1940, Tendo is a Japanese furniture company that represents the curiosity, technique and patience of Yamagata artisans. In 1956, Tendo Mokko achieved the challenge of Sori Yanagi’s design, and create a both modern and timeless piece of furniture, the Butterfly Stool. Using carefully selected wood layers to create complex curved lines that natural wood can’t imitate, Tendo Mokko furniture is durable, lightweight, and uniquely beautiful. This series is ideal for spaces such as cafes, hotels, restaurants, shops, public areas, office spaces and more. find out more

If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer any of your queries.

Wholesale inquiries, please email to hej@zine-dept.com