The historical of city of Kurashiki retains vestiges of the Edo period. Once a “tenryo*1” under the direct control of the Edo shogunate, Kurashiki prospered as a center of commerce and industry and a land ideal for the cultivation of high-quality cotton. The cotton woven in the textile district of the city was known as the finest in Japan. We have produced KURASHIKI HAMPU using the same traditional process since 1888. Traditional KURASHIKI HAMPU, a product woven with Quality, has attracted many with its beauty throughout the ages.
*1 A directly controlled territory of the Edo feudal government that ruled Japan in the Edo period (1603-1868).

hanpu sailcloth / 帆布
Thick, plain-woven fabric that weighs eight-ounces or more per square meter is called sailcloth. It is a natural material produced originally for sailboat sails in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture since the late Edo Period. With the changing times, sailcloth has been used in various products in our daily lives. As it excels in durability and breathability, it gains patina the longer it is used. Above all, its beautiful texture with tightly packed weave cannot be expressed in any other textile.

quality / 品質
JOBU sailcloth’s most salient feature is its tight weave that realizes a substantial expression and distinct texture to the touch. We are particular about both the material of the sailcloth and its manufacturing method. First, artisans twist yarn spun from rigorously selected cotton into threads one by one while adjusting the tension. Then, weaving is done using a traditional shuttle loom where the shuttle is passed through the warp across the weft. It is said that the minuscule amount of air trapped between the threads by the shuttle creates a distinct texture that’s impossible to produce using today's automated looms.

region / 土地
Good quality cotton has been grown traditionally in Kurashiki, an area facing the Seto Inland Sea and blessed with a temperate climate and abundant sources of water. It has also prospered as a sailcloth production area that has been home to many yarn shops, dyers, and weavers since the Taisho Period (1912-1926). As Kurashiki was also one of the important regions designated by the Edo Government for its beautiful vistas of the Seto Inland Sea with its many islands, a rich culture has been nurtured along with the sailcloth production, and has much cultural heritage including mansions with storehouses and art museums.

design / デザイン
JOBU is a series of sailcloth products born in Kurashiki. We use high-quality sailcloth made carefully in accordance with sailcloth weaving skills and knowledge that have been nurtured for over 100 years. Using our ever-growing knowledge of sailcloth, we utilize cloth of various thickness and width in order to get just the right softness and stiffness appropriate to the use. We aim for products only possible with high-quality durable sailcloth that will transcend the age and be enjoyed for years to come.


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