Yame Sencha | classic in Japan | 80g KRAV

250 kr

The best quality Usucha, Tencha is shaded under rice weave in the most traditional way. Limited amount.

There are two types of Matcha in tea ceremony. One is called USU-CHA which translates to Tunn-Matcha, the other is called KOI-CHA, thick-Matcha. Tea leaves used for Usu-cha are usually young, whereas for Koi-cha they are used by tea bushes who are over 30 years old. Koicha is usually served around 4-5 guests in the same bowls in CHA-JI, part of the tea ceremony. Cha-ji is very formal, also served KAISEKI (Japanese traditional dishes originally from Zen Temple / Cha-no-yu) before Usu-cha and Koi-cha. It can last up to 4 hours. This style was started by "Sen no Rikyu" - born 1522.

Brewing / Cooking:


1. Pour hot water into bowl. Heat and soften the tea whip in it. Pour off the water and dry the bowl.

2. Place 1 teaspoon (1.5 grams) match in the bowl.

3. Fill with boiled water once cooled to about 80 ° C.

4. Whisk first from the bottom of the bowl, then quickly back and forth for about 15 seconds so that it becomes a fine foam. Finish with a gentle motion to remove the large bubbles on the foam.

Matcha is a delicate food and should be stored in the refrigerator before opening it. Allow the match to reach room temperature before opening the bag so that no moisture enters. Store cool or alternatively airtight in the fridge so that the Matchan does not taste otherwise. Use as soon as possible for the greatest taste experience.

Name | Yame-Matcha, Yame no Tsuyu
Ingredients | 100% green tea
Weight | 20g
Harvested | our
Cultivars | Okumidori
Cultivated / manufactured | Fukuoka, Japan
Sorting | Metal (or according to your municipality's rules)

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