HA KO paper incense Box set | Winter | 5pcs

360 kr

Winter HA KO Box set of five 

A graceful scent set that warms the clear winter air. This box of five pieces includes three “Winter HA KO” in the form of Holly and Sawtooth Oak, as well as special seasonal fragrances, and the popular scents of Agarwood and Spicy Jasmine.

Contents: Five pieces of HA KO (No.1 Spicy Jasmine, No.2 Agar Wood, Winter Cedar, Winter Fir Tree, Winter Sweet Ginger), one non-flammable felt.

Item size: W78mm × H108mm × D30mm

Materials |  Washi paper, IFRA-compliant synthetic fragrances

Do not allow to burn unsupervised. Avoid placing in drafty areas or near any flammable materials. Note that direct sunlight can cause discoloration.

Made in Japan

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How to experience HA KO
Elegant and tasteful paper incense that can be displayed as a beautiful potpourri or by burning. Enjoy different aromas as the release of scent varies. Test to find your favorite use.

01. Enjoy as a potpourri display
Just display to spread rich fragrance. Put on a plate at an entrance, living room, bedroom or your favorite place to enjoy the gentle aroma. (Scent lasts about three months depending on conditions)

02. Experience by burning
Enjoy this paper incense just like incense sticks. Light HA KO, extinguish flame and the aroma spreads while burning. (One leaf burns for about 5 to 7 minutes giving a deodorant and antibacterial effect)

03. Enjoyment of giving
Consider adding inside a greeting card or a present. Your kind thoughts will most certainly be highly appreciated.

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