Vintage Kokeshi | Yamagata 03

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Vintage Kokeshi - Yamagata 02

Kokeshi by master Yasutaro Suzuki (1895-1976), kokeshi made in 1945. 

The eyes and nose are thick and powerful. The flowers are bleeding and have an old-fashioned elegance. This is an old collection of master Suzuki, which was made in 1945, at the bottom of the chrysanthemum (looks like plum blossom) has a fence-like pattern, it is a signature of 菊籬(chrysanthemum fence) drawing, a favourite pattern for costumes, lacquer ware and pottery design.

Last picture, on the right hand side is a kokeshi made in later years 1971, the facial expression is sweeter, and the curvature of the eyes became stronger, also the style of chrysanthemum is diffrent from his work in earlier years.

It is said that Kokeshi was born in the late Edo period (1603-1868) then Matryoshika in the next era of Meiji.

size | Ø6 x H25 cm 
Crafted by | Yasutaro Suzuki (1895-1976)
material | Wood
Made in Japan

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*As it is a vintage item, colour fading, small scratches and minor defects may appear, if you have any concern about the condition of the item, please contact us before your purchase. Email :

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