UV Face Powder SPF48 / PA ++++

350 kr

Skin-friendly mineral UV powder
With just a little effort, using this powder-type face powder makes you look brighter and protects your skin from UV rays. The lightweight powder gives no burden to the skin and is environmentally friendly.
This powder is 100% oil-free and has a high UV effect of SPF48 / PA ++++, even though it is a formulation that does not burden the skin. It is highly effective against ultraviolet A waves that pass through clouds and windowpanes all year round, so it is safe to apply a quick coat when spending time in a sunny room even on days when you do not plan to go out.

The powder is a thin type that gives a natural luster and brightens the skin tone rather than covering it firmly. Ingredients that adsorb sweat and sebum prevent makeup from coming off, and mineral-balanced water keeps the skin moisturized. You can also use it like a finish powder on the foundation, and you can use it properly according to your mood and skin condition.

This alone does not mean that the base make-up is perfect, but it is enough to cover when you go out to the neighborhood for a while or when you want to remake. Since it is easy to layer on top of makeup, it is very convenient for sunburn prevention, which is effective for frequent repainting. It is a must-have item in the pouch throughout the year.

Gunma's cosmetics manufacturer to make cosmetics that are less burdensome to the skin and are environmentally friendly. It has a skin-friendly feel that can be applied to natural makeup groups and days when you want to take a good rest.



Mica, silica, titanium oxide, hydrous silica, dimethicone, Ba sulfate, hydroxyapatite, tocopherol, water, sodium lactate, Na chloride, Ca chloride, K chloride, Mg chloride, lactic acid, Na metasilicate, Mg sulfate, Na hydrogen carbonate, "+/-" Iron oxide

Capacity | 4g

Made in Japan

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