twotoo cup

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Designers note | Norihiko Terayama

○ Two cups with a slightly unusual pattern.

If you compare the two, they are similar, but they don't seem to be a simple pair (matching). The golden lines are the same, but the pattern and white are reversed. ..
Actually, this pair cup is new, but it already has a history and a story.

A white porcelain cup (female?) And a blue-patterned cup (male?), Two separate cups break in an unfortunate accident. But strangely, the fragments of the two cups are exactly the same. So I collected those pieces and repaired them, and I found a new pair cup with a much stronger bond than before!

Of course, the story is fiction.
(It is not a product with a really broken cup attached!)

○ With the motif of Japanese traditional technique "Kintsugi"
Traditional Japanese culture is a "mottainai" culture. The worn-out kimono is dismantled and used up in a furoshiki, a futon, a washcloth, and repaired to the very end.

Although it is not widely known, in fact, pottery also has such a culture of repair. A traditional technique called "kintsugi" or "kintsugi" that uses gold or silver to repair broken vessels.

I like the spirit of using gold and silver to "make things better" rather than just "returning them", which doesn't happen for free even if you fall (laughs).
Besides, the ones that have been repaired from the broken ones have a special attachment that is different from the new ones that I bought at the store.

○ Faithfully reproduce "Kintsugi" with transfer technology
This pair cup "two too" faithfully reproduces the traditional technique "Kintsugi" with a special transfer technology, and smartly expresses a romantic story and attachment to important things.

A pair cup that shares debris and stories. It's not a "pair" in the exact sense, but it feels much stronger than a regular pair cup.

The mesh pattern is an auspicious sentence that means "thing that lasts forever" because it repeats the same pattern that "captures happiness."

○ Fusion of mat and glaze!
The part with the handle is smooth because it is coated with glaze, but the white part is matte and smooth.

○ For gifts to couples
The pair cup "two too" will be delivered in a box as shown in the picture. There is also a "two too" mark on the surface of the box.

By the way, why "two too"?
Two words with the same reading, "two" and "too". Even if you replace "w" and "o", "too" and "two". .. that's right! A combination of two words that can complement each other. Even how to name it is smart.

How about a gift for a couple, such as a "two too" full of stories, a wedding gift or a moving gift? It will surely be a memorable dish!

Designer | Norihiko Terayama | studio note 
Material | Porcelain
Dimensions | φ75mm H80mm 2 pieces
Country of origin | Japan

[Remarks] * The pattern part is coated with glaze, so it is slippery, but the white part is not coated, so it feels dry and dry.
* Do not use in a microwave oven.
* Kintsugi is made by printing using gold, but it is not actually broken.
* The matte part does not get dirty, but if you rub it with a silver ring etc., marks may remain.

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