Tsuki Usagi Slim Pot 1.2L

690 kr

Tsuki Usagi Slim Pot

The Slim Pot, a colorful and stylish kettle, has become very popular with many coffee lovers and cafes. To make fine coffee, you have to pour hot water as thinly as possible. This kettle’s slim spout is essential for delicious coffee. The enamel body is also suitable for coffee. It can boil water fast on an open fire. The Slim Pot is made with great care, you can use them for a long time. The modern design and pretty colors will improve not only your coffee or tea but also your kitchen decor.

Enamelware is an ancient technique where a glass substance melted in high temperature is glazed on a metal base for coating. The vitreous coating prevents the metal from rusting and creates durability. Although it took some time to reach Japan, when it was finally introduced in 1866 in the form of a cooking pot, the enamel industry took off. By 1890, it was the main technique used to make utensils for the national army and navy due to its durable nature, and the country was full of enamel metalware manufacturers at one point. Until the late 1980s, enameled metalware was widely popular and the norm for kitchenware, sinks, and bathtubs in Japan.

Material | Porcelain Enamel
Size | d110 x l225 x h195mm
Capacity | 1.2l (40.6 fl.oz.)
Made in Japan
Hand wash recommended; please do not use scouring powder or scrubbing brush to clean.
Not suitable for microwave nor induction heating.

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